Ordering, Payments, and Shipping Information

All users receive at least a 40% discount on most items.  Coupon will apply in the Cart!


**Currently the only product excluded is chassis protection and custom stickers**


Effective 2/2/2018
All orders without any backorder items will be shipped from USA

All mixed and full backorder item orders will be shipped from Factory in Hong Kong


Thank you for vising our Team C USA page.  We’re striving to improve the site daily.  Please check back to this page often for updates.


Items in stock in the USA will show a quantity on hand.

Back-ordered items will ship from factory in Hong Kong.

Mixed orders will be sent to Factory for fulfillment.


USA ORDER Payments:
Once you have submitted your order, please use Paypal to pay to the following addresses.


Non-shipping total (Parts, kits, etc):  Paypal to teamcpayment@gmail.com

Shipping only:  Paypal to fullthrottlehobbies@yahoo.com


Factory order payments:
You will receive an invoice 5-8 days AFTER you submit your order.  Please pay the entire invoice (it will include shipping).


All back-ordered items will ship from factory in Hong Kong.  Below are the 2 options.  All orders default to FedEx, please specify if you’d like Airmail.

Airmail:  15-25 days shipping time  (Possible $6-$15USD shipping cost)

FedEx:  3-5 days shipping time  (Minimum $30USD shipping cost)

Please note, some items like kits cannot be sent airmail due to size reasons.  Please plan accordingly, as those will only be sent FedEx.


No orders are shipped until payment is made.  We will contact you for payment if we haven’t received it, but will cancel your order after one week if not received.


Thank you!


Team C USA