Race Events

Wicked Weekend 8/15-8/19

Drivers from all across the US, Canada, and even the Caribbean attended this 4 day event In Gainesville, GA at the Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center. Brands Such as Team C Racing, Agama, Tekno, Team Associated, Mugen, Soar Seki, Reds Racing USA, JConcepts were all in attendance. Dave Leikam from Racetime Entertainment again put on a great event to end the 4 race stretch that Racetime Entertainment host throughout the year. Starting with the Psycho Nitro Blast in January and ending with Wicked Weekend in August.

The track was built by Bobby Moore of RC Track Masters, and designed by Dave Leikam. The track had a a very smooth flow with a nice mixture of fast and technical sections with plenty of passing opportunities both in the air and on the ground. The large quad just behind the front straightaway was only able to be made if you would pull a double double or if you wanted to chance it you could go for the triple single option. We seen many cars going for the safe double double option but a few of the pro drives such as Ryan Lutz and Cole Ogden would use the triple single option from time to time during the long Pro A main race. This year for the second year in a row the track had all dirt jumps, with a very unique whoop section that took a lot of drivers by surprise during the first practice session on the track. With the Ga summer temps being in the high 90s all weekend long the track dried out very fast and became very dusty and blown out which threw the drivers another curve ball on setups. Friday night af-ter the second long day of open practice, one round of controlled practice and the first of three rounds of qualifying heats had ended saw a large hole form in the face of the large jump on the quad, which caused many issues for drivers needing to be fixed. Even after a long day of racing Bobby Moore pulled out the skid steer and started to work on the jump making it smooth again and ready for the second and third rounds of qualifying to begin the next morning at 7am. Saturday morning drivers woke up and seen that the track had been watered and the large rut repaired, most drivers were not bothered by the track being wet because we all knew that by the time the later heats were to race the track would be dried and have a nice groove to race on.
After all the heats finished the lower mains were selected and run which included the first 6 races of 55. When all the dust and nitro exhaust clouds would settle, we would see first time event winners and repeat winners in all the classes.